Men losing the battle- Renaissance strategy

Juu ni kama tumechapwa one nill on half time, whats the second half strategy ?

This is my story:

I have had my share of tribulations with the eve species. Mine started back in high school, I remember vividly, the year is 2004 the 24th of February. Second day after she was admitted to form 1 east i met her along the corridor to the administration block as she was heading back to her class from lunch, it was love at first sight, i was smitten, of course i couldn’t even say anything at my melting point. From then i knew her, she ran through my mind all time, she was my first and this strange feeling i felt couldn’t be explained, my consolation was that it was true love i felt for her little did i know that it would be the recipe for my tribulations for the 8 years that followed. … (at this point i started acting weak …i will continue later…)

In the mean time feel free to give your story and the lessons you have learned.

Will be back.

Mtu wa form1 anakukula kichwa aje?

kuna picha huku???!!!

highschoolers ni stress tupu?!..

i was in form 2 then …

Get some whore with a mighty ass. Make your shaft sore on your ho and say to yourslef that the girl never had a tail like that. You will be at peace with yourself.




mbica ni muhimu

While you were busy getting infatuated, I was nyaffing them in overnight buses to school :smiley: :smiley:

To remove the edge get a whore to be ur cum pot as you pursue her as a gentleman, ujue nyege ndio uharibia watu hii maneno,kagiza kakiingia tunaanza kuongea hii ujinga[ATTACH=full]1608[/ATTACH]

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