Men Jeans

Where can I get good jeans. By good I mean manly jeans that one can wear with a nice checked shirt na a tuck in. Kama zile za EPZ?

Ziko EPZ

tucking jeans kwani you old as guka? moving on fast shop online for quality shit. look at the measurements closely. a Levi’s shirt sold in Nairobi for 15k I get it for $50-60

Shirt for 50$, hehe, gikombaa is bae, you have to get a litte dirty though,

Looking for trouser jeans not shirts

If you dont mind 2nd hand i have a guy, a jeans will cost you like 1500bob, but its totally worth every penny

Enda EPZ kama unataka kama zile za EPZ.

Eastleigh utapata from 800 to 1500

he is looking for straight peoples attire not homosexuals like you attire

Asante sana papa

1500 is very acceptable

homosexual outfit, meffi.
Levi’s baadae

Yaani ktalk ni duka au?

Hii ndio shida ya kuwatch kina Alihandro na soaps mingi. Unadhani ukituck in utakuwa kama wao?

epz guys with an online shop

Some people just like to throw away cash.

At Kirinyaga Road, near the Shell down from coast bus, there are women selling camera shirts from all the top Label. Some have even not been worn and still have the designer or shop paper on.

Prices range from 250 to 300. Shillings.
Friday from 10 to 11 an they usually have fresh stock.

I pass by there when buy spares for my car and for a 1k I leave with 3 or 4 shirts.

mbona umeficha price :D:D

Za hapo kwa shell sio camera.

Depends with the dealer.

@Okiya But please give me a pointer if you know a better place.

In this village there is always something new to learn.


I see we are many wenye wanajua hiyo place and you can also get a fine jeans and khaki trousers at a very fair price