Men in Entrepreneurship

Today President Uhuru was hosting a Young Women Entrepreneurs meeting at the KICC. Maendeleo ya Wanawake was present, women in private companies were in attendance too. This got me feeling that women work very well even in groups maybe outdoing men. I haven’t heard of a forum of businessmen working towards bettering their biz prospects.
Most of the times when men are together, beer is a uniting factor but business is an individual matter. I also imagine many young men shivering, trembling and twitching like cow skin due to alcohol withdrawal symptoms while young women are busy making money somewhere or in chamas planning how to invest in the matatus business.
Men should get working, start doing something to earn a living, of course honestly and not drinking while complaining about inadequate jobs. Sounds difficult sometimes but it’s somewhere to start.
Where have men gone wrong? Mothers really encourage their daughters to be better but are fathers inspiring and motivating their sons? If this trend rolls on, men will be left behind economically while women will be forging ahead like a deadly battalion despite the “women are their own worst enemies” epigram.


Today the girl child is the older boy child. And this has nothing to do with mobilization of the girl. Why do men marry younger wives? It is because a girl of that maturity matches a boy of higher age. Time is now the boy ‘matures faster’ or else, it will back to the roots of wangu makeri.

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Men have a harder time agreeing on issues, that is a serious bottleneck.

All avenues at the moment are geared towards the feminine agenda with the ultimate result of weakening the family are under serious threat.

Men have always been ruled anyway. At least majority of them. By the pussy.

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Men like doing their things under the waters. By either not meeting the president or appearing on the mainstream media doesn’t mean that you are doing nothing.

Alcoholism has been one big hole that has gulped many a young men. Before all this alcoholism, I think men were very industrious. Young men were dependable and respected. That’s when we’d hear “So-and-so’s son is very good, I wonder if our daughter talks with him”. That’s very long ago, sikusikia hayo lakini. A sense of purpose is vital to redeem these men. Wajiokoe.

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Remember that before these happenings, men were still marrying younger girls. I don’t think this is the issue. By the mid twenties, men and women are at par in their maturity. Men just lost self responsibility, and role models are scarce now.

Don’t forget the disconnect between
fathers and sons…in traditional set ups young men would learn through experience and observation on how to conduct their affairs…saa hii…and btw women shouldn’t be thumping their chests/breasts…if you have a son and you’re a single mom and your son isn’t exposed to proper male role models…avenue ni ile ile…

women are current adapting well in this changing society. Men are still confused and finding hard to make it.The society dictates its a man responsibilty to feed, cloth, shelter and educate his family even if his wife is working. Nowdays that is impossible especially if your wife is earning more than you. In addition, a man has to support their family, but women rarely carry this burden because they get married while still in college or immediately after gradution. Don’t ask why men are marrying in their forties, it is not easy

There’s and will never ever, forever be progress for women without men!!! And those so called successful women are so because one must have parted their thighs for a man or men at one stage or another.

Everything goes in cycles.

Yeah very sad indeed. Its hard to pinpoint where men went wrong.
The funny part of it all is the fact that men raised by single women usually make it in life compared to those raised by their fathers or both parents…or maybe its just the men I have seen.

Someday, sadly, the male being will be a frail figure of society indulged in alcohol and immorality. Women will run to sperm banks because the male person would have eventually lost his importance

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Really, depends on they way he was brought up and the character of his mother

I don’t get which part of this country that men behave the way you guys are pinpointing. Kwetu mambo iko sawa.

Women will never rule this world…nature will never allow it.Never under estimate nature and the natural order of things it has a way of setting things straight.

I feel you chief…its a tough road to trek

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