Men are Becoming Too Soft & Too Nice

This thread about ‘divorcing a toxic wife’ has opened my eyes about how many talkers here are going through hell living with their wives. Then there are those who have shared their stories but quickly deleted it. Like that talker whose wife is threatening to kill him but after coughing up 40k per month in child support. Not to forget bado ex-wife anataka kulipiwa rent na apatiwe pesa ya chakula.

Sad stories. Yaani most married villagers here are going through shit!!! Then you wonder why did you get married? Why? Truth be told, 91.2 percent of married folks in this forum are miserable. Imagine being married to be denied your conjugal God-given rights!!!

Endeni therapy. Most of you married folks are going through psychological trauma.

Marriage is the 2nd biggest scam in the world after democracy ama namna gani @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii…

Some work some don’t…no guarantees. For some of us so far so good…almost 10years and counting

In any setting, the party with more options always calls the shots. By marying/settling u are basically afirming it to her that indeed umepungukiwa na choices. In other words, huwezi fika bei in the dating market. If she’s a good person, well, mnaeza ishi bila kuvurugana, but most women have never tasted the real raw power of having a fully grown man on their beck and call worshipping at their altar. Madharau n entitlement inaanza shortly…

10 years waking up to the same woman?!

Everyone has his own destiny… Usistuke na marriage… It can or not work…I suppose that’s how life is all about(no guarantees)

now who is at whose beck and call?

Correct your conclusion, not most are suffering, it’s some that are suffering.
Just like everything else in life, marriage isn’t perfect nor is it easy. It’s work in progress.
Our society cannot be the judge of marriage because, people already have come we stays and live as married, minus the official paper work.
So if you are with someone toxic, you are with them, regardless if being married or not.
It is just a matter of being with the wrong person, whether married or in courtship or whatever you’d like I call it.
It’s not about marriage per say.

Ask your dad and mum how much they’ve gone through in their marriage.

The problem with the unmarried talkers is that they think marriage life is just fucking each other. No, married life is far more than that. It’s about sharing and caring for each other and building a life with each partner levelaging their strengths for a common good.

2 months and counting…

So your marriage will be okay without sex?

When are you going to hike next at the place on your avatar…

am not married but almost got married to some demon of a woman before i realized am getting myself into shit.
my take.
1.Never ever marry from a point of weakness as a man i.e never entertain any bitch who thinks she is doing you a favor by being with you…or a bitch that you love more than she loves you. A woman should be the one doing more emotional investments.
The reverse always ends up in a disaster, mnakumbuka shoka man???

2.Respect is more important than love…heshima ikikosa ndoa imeisha.

NB/ Settling with one woman is naturally disadvantageous to a male. A male is biologically polygamous…but society has been forcing monogamy down our throats, so usichezwe kwa hiyo monogamy.

Problem is for most women all they bring to the table is puccie.

Na kama ako na pesa ole wako

No wonder umepunguza makamasi kichwani mwako

A man should only settle down when he has discovered himself and taken care of his finances. This usually happens after 35 and only then can you marry on your own terms.

A marriage ordained by God will never fail. Can I hear an Amen!!!

How can you leave a woman after living with her and getting 4 kids?