Men and having affairs...

Why do you have to come up with dumb lies…

All blue handles should listen to this

usipodanganya mwanamke hamtaishi nayee.

Huh! wewe ungeingia box ya mwenye hukuwekelea keygongey kama hangetumia uongo?

Pole mami, ata wewe mcheze [SIZE=1]na mimi[/SIZE]

You cant take advice from a pink handle about anything. They dont know what they want themselves

uongo n tamu tu kama pink handles

kauongo ni lazima once in a while

Woman believes man’s lies because she cares only about feelings, not future. She cannot realistically appreciate an honest man because honesty is superfluous to feelings.


KISS - keep it simple stupid. Wemen don’t get it sometimes.

A product of Georgina Makena’s stupidity