Members who have come out of the closet so far

Atwoli, Atheist, Njamba huthu and Aviator…you can add names to the list


So you come to ktalk to observe who have got gay tendencies?


Wanajuana kwa vilemba. You forgot. Edundy.

Comments in a recent post have got me thinking about it thats all.

Its like you have all of a sudden caught feelings… a while ago you were proud to be gay

does fagottry require a posting? why write about it if it is normal?

old monkey,junkie,kabuda aka senior driver

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… wale wote watatokea kwa hio list waambiwe “wastep behind”

Hehehe…not behind me thanks.

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So you want us to also take a dump on top of your pile of shit?(Stolen, KTalk 2015)

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@Njamba Huthu = Faggotry lord.

@aviator their mother

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… behind each other. lol

Got called gay today. I guess I was supposed to be insulted. LMAO. If you haven’t heard. I’m half gay and proud.

@Cypher254. = my bottom…u obsessed with my dîck bïtch ass nigger…



@junkie ,oldmonkey @aviator , @atheist

Usisahau @kanyoka reloaded

@junkie = Gay fagget lord