melons on point

cc @Tommy Lee Sparta nyonyo zile unapenda ndio hizi.kutoka harusha

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hawa ni wale unanyandua adi unamwaga bone marrow
anyway asade,macho sasa iko refreshed

what a waste I just fapped.

ngurumisha duthi marto

Its a sad thing when a woman defines herself by the size of her mammary glands…

too big .But good eye surgery

…rather than the circumference of her aereolas.

  • Martin Luther King Jnr, 1958

i know every man here cant let those nyonyos pass

I want zile zitatoshana kwa mkono momoja…kama za @pseudonym

They are nice, very.

Wuuuuueeeeeeeh! Leave my titties out of your fap fest.

after awhile she will realize gravity is not her friend

…hizi ni zile zinapita, mnaaza ku-discuss kwanini adam alikula ile apple…!!!

Well padre…fancy meeting you here!

Nice rack :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Padre, hehehee

kwani, he is first a man, then padre :D:D:D:D

ama namna gani @Liberty



From then on I will be closing my eyes when I open a thread such as this.
Ata nimefunga macho then scrolled down to reply.

:):):slight_smile: Tukutane inbox basi unieleze zaidi :D:D:D

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Matiti kubwa lakini IQ opposite, you can never get a full package people :frowning: