Melinda Gates wants dead bodies on the streets of Africa

Over 23000 dead in US but we have seen bodies on the streets, but wants to see them on the streets of Africa. She is frustrated that numbers are still low

Melinda Gates, wife of billionaire Bill Gates has warned that if the world does not act fast enough, then there will be dead bodies all over the streets of Africa.

Mrs Gates raised this concerns while speaking to CNN, on the novel coronavirus and its effects in the third world countries.

She said her heart is in Africa, stating that she is worried that the continent might not be able to handle the devastating effect of virus.

“Its going to be horrible in the developing world.

“Part of the reasons you are seeing the case numbers still do not look very bad, is because they don’t have access to many tests.

“Look at what is happening in Ecuador, they are putting bodies out on the streets, you are going to see that in countries in Africa,” Mrs Gates noted.

Melinda Gates who is also co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation fears things will get worst for Africa once cases peak because of poor health care systems and lack of humanitarian supports.

According to Mrs Gates, her worst nightmare was when she “saw what China had to do to isolate enormous part of its population. My first thought was Africa. How in the world are they going to deal with this.”

“I have been in townships all over Africa and slums. When we talk in country physical distancing and hand-washing, if you live in slums who can’t physical distance, you have to go out and get your meals. You don’t have clean water to wash your hands,” she added.

Sasa tufanye??

To justify her nonsense, she gives Ecuador as an example. Yet, Ecuador has only 355 deaths.

If you have nothing to say, kalisha kende pale. I guess you think you are funny

Everything this guy and his wife do right now is to realize his ID2020 dream. They’re framing it as an essential chip to show vaccination status but obviously it’s going to be much more than that.
I’m not the kind of person to believe in 666/antichrist conspiracy theories but this shit is scary. For a different reason. Just think of how concerned people are right now about mass surveillance and imagine the scale and effectiveness of it after they chip everyone. Samsung and Apple are already collaborating to track everyone for “coronavirus purposes” btw.

what a condescending prick!

The thing with these super wealthy elites is they imagine themselves as gods. The earth and human beings are just their playpens. Yes, they may say it’s “for the good” but just like Thanos, they’re missing the point.
No one man has the power to create a utopia and especially not through means like this. That’s not how it works.
I bet Bill “depopulation” Gates is secretly thrilled by the thought of millions of Africans dying.

Hiyo statement yako ni very misleading. She’s concerned about the health care system being overburdened. Period.

FYI, the Bill Gates conspiracy theory were started by Russian operatives.

Anyway, who cares. I’ll be dead in a few and so will Bill Gates. There’ll be other wannabe gods and they’ll die too.
Just hope I die before a Minority Report type of world.

According to her , we are just lowlives . We shall overcome

Hii matamshi yake imenipea stress sana siku mzima, lemmi just say it here, what a bitsch

Wadau African we are here to stay. We overcomed slave trade,colonization,ukimwi hii vairus ni homa Kwa nywele ngumu. Lakini wazimu ni kiboko Yao. Keep strong and go back to eating healthier food.

I dont engage apologists like you. Usually, I am extremely irritated. Why did he not say India, India has bigger slums than africa

You have fallen for Russia’s disinformation. Congratulations. Next utatuambia ni Americans walipeleka coronavirus Wuhan.

Bill and Mellinda Gates foundations have sponsored numerous health initiatives in africa. I don’t know about india.

But there are very many poor people in Africa who would be grateful for their assistance. Perhaps you are well off and wouldn’t require.

You’re deliberately misrepresenting what she said. Can you quote her saying she “wants dead bodies”?

Here is the ID2020 website:

Can you show us where they even mention the word “chip” or the phrase “vaccination status”?

Kusema ukweli, this statement doesn’t imply that she WANTS dead bodies in Africa. Does it? If it does, how?

Sheep who don’t look under the surface are fantastic tools for people like Bill Gates.
You read the manifesto and left it at that? You didn’t bother researching how it would be implemented?

Anyway, here’s the spoon, eat. Storing medical information below the skin’s surface | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Btw the idea advanced from chip to what basically sounds like a tattoo now.

I don’t know what world you live in where you don’t see the scary implications of this technology. Of course, the Kenyan government is too stupid to be violating our privacy in the way the CSI do but don’t you browse the internet? Btw I mentioned Samsung before but it’s actually google.

This pandemic is the window the elites have been looking for. I’ve not said anything about the vaccines, the conspiracies are stupid anyway. But these technology being pushed under the guise of infection and vaccine tracking, is gonna end badly.