Meje 30

The unforgettable Live Concert in Kampala , Uganda … :D:p





Looks like there’a also a pousy wall… Pic 4

mali swaffi… DFHKML candidate

So disgusting for the daughter of a respectable Congolese musician to expose her genitals in public. Insult to her dad the late Ntesa Dalienst.

Hizi pics za Aisha Jumwa niliona 1991 nikiwa class 1

No Way …
This famous fellow is her daddy … ??? o_O:eek::oops:


That’s her dad. She has even redone most of his famous songs

Wooow …
But you got to admit …
She is Gifted in soo many ways …:D:p


A great musician though despite her extreme outrageous stage antics

You are a slow fool leo Kama hujaelewa rexxumbwa

Sijui kasoro yako ni nini na misplaced moralism… Most women operate commando, Infact 4 in 5 women around you where you are right now are likely to not be having any underpants on right now…

So a sneaky cheeky photographer who gets a rare view from down stage shouldn’t be the basis of your moralising…

Continue the good works
She’s a star though

Nimeelewa uwes-makende

Sawa Bro…
A Pal of mine has the Full Concert Clip …
I will upload and share as soon as I get it …:smiley:



Sawa buda, naingojea sana. Am a big rhumba fan esp her & Barbara kanam

Yuck. Lakini nalamba


Wah! Enyewe maboys munapendanga kuma sana. Me included…

Kuna ni tamu kuliko pilau and chicken

Yeah like not wearing a pant na kujichanua