Mega Jackpot

Do you think the record of 232 million will be broken?
I guess yall gave up on this because perhaps you have heard the saying that the House always wins…

well but in a gamblers spirit, i myself included, i certainly think that it takes luck only.

Look at the odds of winning without a fail. its always a 10-14 max.

i dug up something on some research i did a while ago.

There are 7 Fixed matches in each mjp slot .
10 of which teams are equally stronger or in the same case equally weaker… and then the probability always comes fourth to a half in either…

So now you tell me, WHAT ARE THE BLOODY ODDS OF THAT ![ATTACH=full]151529[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]151529[/ATTACH]


I’ll take part in this discussion for mathematical and in particular statistical overtures.

What do you need to predict to win this Mega Jackpot? 14 games on a win loss basis? What is the buy in? Kes. 100/-

on probability grounds, i meant to emphasize on the total best achievable predicts on an average human mind with a kes 1200 stake .

If you have the hint on the fixed matches you will probably need 200 kes

Hii ni kama kula cassava halafu utarajie kupoopoo diamonds…

There is no fixed match!!
Jackpot games are simply selected on their high unpredictability. The house is not interested in the game outcomes as it is in balancing its books and turning a profit for every bet placed. That is the main driver of shifting odds, which if you bother to check, are not uniform between different bookmakers.

Winning the jackpot boils down to luck. Sportpesa’s job is to make you believe that with proper analysis you stand a chance of winning. You don’t. You’re either lucky or not.

this is what i was trailing about

I totally hate…totally hate.
Pple who say n repeat this.
‘Me I…’. Esp if you r a media personality. Bure kabisa.

me i didnt notice that. my mistake . pole sana

this thing is purely based on guess work

Most of the games in MJP are championship games and second tier games if not relegation clubs since they are highly competitive.

Now betting on a club like cardif city might be a bit tricky since making it to the playoffs is more important than winning the league itself.

A club like huddersfield may only hold on so that they get awarded the lucrative parachute payment

Thats to say 4 clubs in the championship depend on opposite opponents to drop points while 3 clubs in the premier league also depend on the other teams to loose.

Then we have derbys, thats anyones game.

When you think youre done you are then forced to pick between two or 3 games that are on a winning or loosing streak.

Mambo ya match fixing wachana nayo