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I have received unprecedented support in my inbox by those who plan to leave this country before the elections

It goes without saying that this thread is purposed for them.

I have just learnt that Magufuli has already closed the border for Kenyans who wish to cross over

What other route could we use?


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Hio ni yako. I already have my tickets kukam home. For the like minded tukutane kwa ndebe

Take the Somali Route. It’s porous as hell…

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Lol, your titles

Nikubaya but acha wenye wanajifanya hawaoni, watajua hawajui


Niaje Bingwa,
Lungalunga Kuna panya route kibao

why leave my country,who will fight for it.

Yes coming back for elections in Keroka n to ensure RWNBP

Make sure we meet for a cup of coffee while comparing notes. Sawa

So like I go there and I will find someone to ferry me through?

Kenya>South Sudan> Sudan>Libya>Tunisia>May die hapo Mediterranean Sea.

Wueh, @negativezero ni chizi.
Vuka tu border na ubebe muguka ya kutosha mkakule na ma Al Shaitan wenzako ukingoja matokeo.

Nenda kwa wenzako wayemeni.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: nimecheka my fren.

Hakuna haja ya kuhepa, as a civil servant, ongea Na resident KDF personnel wakuruhusu udunge hema kwa barracks zao.

They can never allow a Somali

Si kajinga hapo juu umejiita mwarabu ?

The same people who want peace in this country are the ones who are prophesying doom…