Meeting chicks 19-23 years

Where does a working man meet women at this age.

I am 32 y.o looking to meet younger women

Panda mat.

I drive

Check around universities/ colleges/ common clubs frequented by students.

Usha ambiwa panda mat coz that’s where they are found. They don’t give a rats ass whether you drive or not.


Fuck that. I’m not climbing a mat to get jiggers. Wacha ikae basi

And you’re asking? Enda kwa klabu za watoto,blend,1824,quiver…huko huwezi kosa

Dryspell itakua @kibokoyako na hii ujeuri yako. Si ukatie pump attendants basi uki fuel.

Sawa basi sir. Pambana na 30-48 year olds wenye wanapatikana kwa circles za watu wana drive.
Ama uende USIU’s club Memphis on Friday or Saturday evening. Usiende na pesa ya kubaia dem Guarana moja halafu you expect to chota. Huko lazima u buy mzinga ndio u make statement relating to kuchotana.

Haha, guys who worked and lived around campus back in the days had an unending supply of fine low maintainance campus girls. I wonder if those guys ever married


Sina dry spell mblo. I have a steady supply but they are 25-28 years

… Give the now 19 - 23-year-old girls another six years. they will be the new 25 - 28 years ama vipi… :D:D:D

I don’t know if I am the only one who has realized that morality levels in our society has gone very low. Nowadays I chew 18 - 20 yr Olds more times than 25 - 35 year olds. The younger the easier to convince and screw. Just look monied and be ready to be called and nagged and you are good to go. The only real problem with this age bracket is that they are possessive and will take you to places you won’t go on a sober mind

Threads za umeffi kama hii lazima iwe ni admin anatafuta traffic

Siurushe mbili pande hii nifanyie corrections

Enda kca parking na gari yako ma 430PM. Approach any girl ataingia box

Enroll for a course at college.

You really need some extreme attitude adjustment courtesy of John Cena

Panda matatus, also tafta campus niccur your cousin probably na umtolee ma form za pombe yeye ni kukuja tu na warembo…