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No wonder wanasumbua kijiji.

Karens wanasumbua


Swanschieth tuko na uncle Trump kufa kupona

I had to rewatch again ati revolution :D:D:D:D:D Hio ni straight up capitol invasion

Amejianika vipoa sana. She will hear knock on her door. Then labelled terrorists… awekwe no flight list…penda sana

what a dumbass ati revolution

Kuna team pale mukuru kwa jack doing a fantastic job of identifying invasionists and they are being canceled left right then left again wenye wako employed muhindi anaondokea hio meffi futi kumi!



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He was fully masked. I wish awe identified

This guy has already been identified. The power of shosho media and people posting all their life exploits and aspirations on it.


[SIZE=7]Some U.S. Capitol rioters fired after internet detectives identify them[/SIZE]
By Mike Stone, Diane Bartz

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol were fired from their jobs on Thursday after internet sleuths publicized their identities.

Really? Leta source

[SIZE=7]Zip-Tie Guy Photographed Inside US Capitol Identified by Social Media as Nashville Bartender[/SIZE]

Identified as Eric Munchel

Now, knowing what he looked behind the balaclava and baseball hat like social media detectives investigated further and found that the zip-tie guy attended some protests in the Nashville area wearing the same tactical gear.

Zip-Tie Guy Photographed Inside US Capitol Identified by Social Media as Nashville Bartender

Im just blossoming in glory brother.



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