Meet the woman who struggles to fend off

50-year-old mother of one, Lerato Pitso, is tired of the daily abuse she faces and being treated like a sex object because of her oversized behind. Wherever she goes she becomes a laughing stock and is unable to find a serious relationship because men just want to sleep with her.

“At one stage I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I’m not good enough. Men only want to sleep with me. They don’t love me,” Pitso told Mail Online. “Sometimes I hear a camera’s shutter and when I turn to see what is happening, I see people taking pictures of my backside. It isn’t men who are the worst offenders, it is other females.”

Pitso recently took part in the City of Johannesburg’s Weight Loss Challenge – and said it saved her life. “I’ve been battling with my weight since I was a teenager. I’ve tried every diet available but nothing worked. I was on the verge of committing suicide.”

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It’s even in South Africa, I thought to find whites subjecting her to all that nonsense would be European.

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Monster MILF

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