meet the Korogocho mungikiress vampire..ati she's 20y.o <--Dafaq

Hii kitu inaka 20yrs old kweli? For those who havent heard, this is the lady who killed and drunk her kids blood-

anakaa vampire…

God will surely punish her…

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And ripped out the heart and ate it.

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That is just psychosis.

I hear she belongs to a certain cult. Hiyo church imulikwe coz we dont know how many others are out there.

Could be a mental case.

Such an act cannot be done by a normal person.hizo macho.

By any chance is she related to éño ni mömo

i would like dfhkm a psycho bitch like this one.

Uko na kichwa poa?

Hii anakaa kama drama queen aka ranny wa klost.

ni swali tu…why would an all knowing, merciful God give her the “gift” of bearing children knowing she will kill them, then watch as she slaughters them, and then punish her?

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There is no god, and on assumption there is one, he must be a moron not worth any trust or respect.

and you are a fool

Hahaha… You are just like ISIS. I think you would be willing to kill me if given a chance. Wewe na mungu wako you are morons.

why would i kill you, your foolishness will do the job

On assumption there is a god, he must be a moron. I can understand vile unafikiria: “Huyu msee anashindana na mungu??”. Wewe hushindani na yeye unafikiria you are being spared? Even if I did die before you bado yako iko. Nobody is escaping so usiogope kufa saaana if that is what is keeping you from thinking of some things. I always say that religion is thought police.



God is everything…that’s why we r told God is everywhere because God is everything…God is the consciousness from which all actions arise and into which they are absorbed

Thats what you believe.

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