Meet the Baby Doctor- Kitu Swafi at just 29



My big penis is as big as a bairn. I wish she could work on it.

Nakula bado

doesn’t menstruate
damu yote inaenda kwa akili

she has no life. she is now a robot. she is a tool of the parasitic owners of capital. she will spend all her life working for them, and die of depression.

Wivu, small penised sycophant.

Watu wa computer packages bile mingi ni ya nini?

Did her destiny tell you that?

Huyo ni mtu wa welding wachana naye

sio wivu. interact na Dr. Magoha ujue izi maneno

Daddy hapana hii ni wivu kali

With the kind of salary she will be getting she can retire at 50 or decide to do other things.
She’s owned by capitalists but hers is a better station than most others.

Didn’t know you’re a dumb bastard

Big up to a black sister kujikaza kimende

Says arror’s gardener

Huyu ni kitu safi juu hio kazi yote amefanya hakua na time ya ukunguru.

Peasant in Chief

One thing you guys have to remember is sometimes it takes over 15 years to pay student loans in Trumpistan. Obama and Michelle just finished paying their student loans in 2005.

Why does it take sooo long ? Nikujitakia ama?

Sijui but I suspect maisha huko majuu is overrated. You can see somebody with a shiny SUV and think they are thriving kumbe gari na carloan