Meet Albert Waiganjo, the man that is giving TNA supporets sleepless nights

This guy either has got balls of steel or he is jus plain ujinga…the way this dude attacks Uhuru will make u catch feelings if u are a die hard uhuru fan. He got like 4000 followers and majority are his haters who would take a bullet for uhuru…Sample some of this postings…This posting was trending hadi twitter. Kikuyus in this thread came with all kind of matusi…in short feelings had been caught


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@Jirani, jirani, jirani- wewe ni mgeni kwa social media ama forums? for a start- hujui waiganjo ni bonoko?

Ebu mwambie!

Uhuru is my president! what has it got with @Jirani being mgeni kwa social media got to do with his post? Waiganjo ni bonoko sawa bt this is albert waiganjo…what did i miss?

Hata mimi sijanyita hii mambo ya Bonoko Waiganjo; nifafanuliwe priss. Wa kubonga mbaya pia karibuni…


Kwani Waiganjo wote ni sura mbaya hivyo?? :eek::eek::eek::eek:

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tunasema waiganjo ni foreskin sio kukuyu

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Ati waiganjo? Hii maneno ililetea mp fulani shida sana hadi siku hizi haongeangi. ni vizuri kuachana nayo. You do not have the money nor the power to fight such people. And state machinery can get you from anywhere and to be truly unreachable is to be dead. Just fight for your own space. And choose your enemies carefully(Robert Green/Niccolo Machiavelli).

I remember some guys who had ran from Rwanda only to die mysteriously in SA hotels.
And there is this guy who got shot with an umbrella but went on to work without suspecting anything

such fake accounts are created for gullible people; people who will be awed by the “fearlessness” of the waiganjo (like @Jirani is). what do the creators achieve? nothing, other than another useless talking point. and life goes on. Ikiwa mbaya sana unasakwa for hate speech (which is against our laws, remember Lt Wadi?). When waiganjo rants, how many beans does it add to my githeri?

Hehehehe 4k followers? si wakenya wanapenda nonsense.

Stop the interest on fellow men’s looks. F#?;#(t


After all these am more confused than ever, could there be some truth in this Waiguru saga?

Vile mimi nikiwa hapa base naona … nikipata hii momo waiguru one on one … naona naweza ingiza box faster than uhenye anaweza lipa na tax payers money. Just saying. Na pia waiguru ikinipa tender thro’ IFMIS ya Kumaliza huyu sijui waiganjo sijui nani … naweza Maliza faster than ma followers wake wanaweza wika 5k followers.

So, a man with a Kikuyu sounding name cannot criticize Uhuru? Poor man’s mentality for those claiming this man is a fake. But even if he is fake, so what? Does it change the message?

the thing is; is the message correct? can the author stand up for it by providing evidence?

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Yeah. That’s where the focus should be though I think UMK could be banging that MILF. I mean, who wouldn’t? But the Waiganjo guy’s language is too crude for my liking.


in fact I would be disappointed if the reverse were true. otherwise mimi napita tu

Are all waiganjos fake # borrowed from fmungai?

YES. kwanza huyu anasound kama Alai…