meet a high flying succesful Luo woman in London

[ATTACH=full]1391[/ATTACH] Elizabeth Okinda has an office on 37th floor of Canary Wharf

Elizabeth Okinda is a Kenyan from Nyanza province, born and raised in 3 different cities, Kisumu, Mombasa as well as Nairobi. Started primary education at, Ganjoni Primary school, Mombasa until age 9 and finished her primary education at Lower Kabete primary school in Nairobi. Completed secondary studies at State House Girls high school. In 2003, Elizabeth travelled to the United Kingdom to complete her LLB degree at University of Huddersfield and went further to complete Law School at BPP Law School in London with a Distinction. Elizabeth is a qualified, disciplined and results orientated solicitor, focusing on; immigration law matters at all stages within the Points-Based System, litigation, contentious and non-contentious employment law. Elizabeth benefits from six years’ experience working with individuals and corporate clients in a highly pressurised environment and having multiple priorities to manage; known for a deep understanding of business needs and trained to ACCA standards in Accountancy.

Elizabeth is currently practicing at Kawa, Guimaraes and Associate Solicitors based at 37 Floor, One Canada Square. Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA. She specialises in all areas of Immigration law, Employment, Family and all aspects of Litigation. Elizabeth is also successfully assigned as a London based agent for Chase, a Kenyan bank, introducing and assisting potential clients in all manner of project and real estate banking and finance; trustworthy, with integrity and respect for confidential information, an articulate communicator with the ability to influence and interact with stakeholders at all level. Personal website: LinkedIn: Liz Okinda, Twitter: @lizokinda, Mobile: 07729898851. Company website: E-mail: [email protected] and Office: 0203 290 4068

sasa unataka tufanye nini?

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Nataka um-meet.

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She has beautiful eyes

Even though I doubt you are the real kabuda, here you have a point.I have always asked myself what’s the purpose of being born, grow up, go through school, hustle in your adult life, get old and die?What’s the purpose of it all?And that’s for the ‘lucky’ ones.The ‘unlucky’ ones die before completing the whole process.

There’s no after life. Labda urudi ukiwa panya

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i am not a tribalist i just wanted too stir some life on Ktalk,nothing brings people`s opinions out more than appealing to their identity.
@ol monk if there is an afterlife,i hope you come back as a porn star or kadinya flani,we all know you are a virgin so its only fair…

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Kwa hivyo hii monk sio short for monkey?

There are rich Kenyans everywhere. And I mean RICH. In london, dubai, US, Sweden, whorever place.

Someni Ecclesiastes

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