medical insurance for the aged

Am looking for a good medical insurance for an aged individual. Someone close to me is approaching retirement and am planning on having him medically insured. Any one you can recommend?

how old are they? any pre-existing conditions

  1. No pre existing conditions.

It starts to get a little more expensive after 50. Insurance companies rarely used to insure guys past 65 but they are nowadays. AAR still does although they are a little more expensive than most other insurance companies. My folks still use them so I know its possible.

premium ni how much? In the short run, it might seem expensive but not in the long run

Just stick with NHIF. It will be damn expensive for a 65+.

Thanks. I hadn’t looked at that angle.

NHIF mambo yote. Tested and proven.

NHIF card inatumika kubuy dawa? or is it only in patient

ama explain to me why in the hospitals when the receptionists ask for insurance card, I’ve never seen anyone give out NHIF yet they seem to have one

For AAR they would pay a premium of over 40k per annum, and thats just inpatient.

I have only used NHIF card when admitted in hospital. Im told civil servants can use it over the counter at public health institutions instead of giving cash. i dont know how true this is

Because NHIF only offers inpatient, not outpatient, cover to the general population. Civil servants however get both inpatient and outpatient cover.

There was this scheme that was rolled out by Safcom and I think Britam. You may wanna check it out:

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Yea, this is a good option, and eligibility is upto 75 yrs.

Asanti sana Luther. Looks good but I’ve realized one catch in the panel of hospitals. Hospitals like KNH, Aga Khan, Mater, MP Shah are not in the list

@Okiya, you may wanna have a look at this too: