Media house new strategy on data sourcing and mining

Listening to almost all media houses in the country we getting some newly invented sort of gambling. Typically, most of them are asking simple questions where respondents answer by sms incurring no cost. A question like, what’s Uhuru Kenyatta’s middle name or send your name to this code.
In some radio stations, virtual winners are announced hourly. I have been keenly following up with this and my findings are that this is ideally a strategy that has been brought up to enroll media user to charged sms services and other premium services.
Media houses have always had these gambling questions, but from my experience, it has never been free of charge for just anyone to participate.
Listening to one radio station yesterday, I also noted that they have a strategy of announcing their virtual winners. To declare the winner, nigga at the station says, “Our sh3000 winner for this hour is @sludgist Mchinca, phone number 0723 and ending in 501”, just for instance. They never call the winner as we are all used to hearing them call winner of such competitions live from their stations.
In other cases the winner earns airtime, then you’ll hear Bonny Musambi announce their name. He’ll not call the winner, but he’ll announce their name and phone number in the above format. One question here, is there anyway in Kenya, without relying on data from any other source, you can extrapolate additional personal information like real name given as limited data as phone number alone? Is there any way transferring airtime to a person let’s you access any other information associated with their phone number, or these guys simply cook names of their virtual winners?
Once you’ve participate in their shit which is uncharged, they later, say after six hours or so, send you an sms from the same code enrolling you to another charged sms service.

pia wewe unataka kubebewa akili na hawa watu.this is bullshieth.


You give ur name and answer if you call… When texting you write your name. That the rule ata kutuma salamu

who listens to Kenyan radio nowadays. with 50bob Telcom u get 400mb a day which can stream Tune-in radio all day.

I don’t fully understand your question(s). Are you asking how to find out the number of the winner, given the name and part of the phone number?

I have won credit twice with HBR, they asked for my details via twitter, went to their offices n collected my cred.
Won 3k with capiroo fm, Miss Mandi sent me a dm asking my details n stuff. Nilipoenda lornho house kupick it up niliambiwa hawajawahi sikia mtu kama mimi, inshort niliambiwa niende nikikaukanga. Niliwachana na Radio contests hiyo day. All happened nikiwa campus

To be honest the only time i get to listen to radio ni wakati stima zimepotea naweka Eveready kwa SQNY yangu nikivuruta kiombitho…when am not on my phone chatting up CL mbishes, am doing isht with the comp or watching fake news or bear grylls drink his own urine from a snake pouch in the middle of a mexican desert:D:D