Media bias and how they shape public opinion

A couple of days ago, every news media outlet in Kenya was rife with talk about how there were going to be dual swearing-ins on Tuesday. We were told how meticulous plans were being made for JaKuon to be sworn in at the same time that Uhuru was going to be sworn in. If you have been an observer of Kenyan politics for a while, you knew that it was another silly bluff; there was no way that JaKuon was going to through with the charade but that did not stop NASA and the media fraternity from flooding us with that ridiculous 5-page Ukambani declaration.

Then just when people had made plans to get their families out of Nairobi while warriors were stock-piling stones and pangas, the niga JaKuon cheekily and unceremoniously backs out of his own coronation.

The interesting thing is that only ONE media house reported it and chances are that night runners still think their tin god will be crowned in 48 hours. The “prayers” will be a convenient place to start running battles. And once again, the media will be on top of the situation giving us a blow-by-blow account of how “innocent” worshippers are being massacred by inhumane police.


Crooked media is just a branch of opposition spin led by its editorial and management who hope to be tapped as the new PSCU directors.

The media makes money by selling stories. Where there is no story, they create one. Cash has to keep rolling in, doesnt matter how

Not being coronated is as big news as being coronated. What’s your point?

A marriage will sell but a divorce will really sell.

divorce ya Okari and betty is still milked to date

It has reached a point where Editors don’t report the story but report their story.
Once I wanted to do a big story on a certain politician in the opposition. He was still a budding noisemaker but it would have brought his activities to light.
I was given resources and told to bring solid evidence before it goes on air.
After doing my investigations, I was told to drop it.
Never mind that I had the guy secretly on video, in my sitting room together with his accomplice doing very illegal things.
Later, I noticed the guy toned down on TV. But he never returned my calls or picked my phone ever since. I suspect he was told to lay low.
That was in 2009. He now officially makes a lot of noise outside Parliament.

alitolea editor chapaa kadhaa after wewe umefanya donkey work, izza

That’s effed up.Can’t you (your buddy) sell the story to somebody else?

Hata Big Ted na Denno walipata kazi hivo.
It’s kawaida.Ok?!

madodo still thinks babuon will still be sworn in.

It was a long time ago. I don’t have that footage any more. I kept it; hoping. But the desktop crashed when my house leaked rain in. That was that.

What Magufuli is doing to press freedom in Bongo is wrong but what Kenya media is doing is equally wrong. If I want to remain in a happy mood I avoid turning on TV because I might find the repulsive political analysts that president Uhuru was talking about.