Mecho ingare


If you were in our league I bet you could have been driving big machines from V8 upwards. Otherwise naona Masseh Ferguson 340 working well for you in your current circumstances. Ahsante

For heavy duty, the pro tip is ensure she gets an orgasm during foreplay. Then go for it. They squirt easily if employ the right skills. If You know you know.

Curtain raiser ,kwani umekua ile burukenge inajiita malyamungu?:smiley:

Tombayeye nikatomba mkundu na tarimbo moto saitani wewe. You have a big useless head like the useless vagina that birthed you idiot.

eudoxie yao machine yangu

Who hurt you? . You came through the same useless vagina unless ulinyambwa ukapitia sphincter ka mtu hana akili ni kutukanana ka kitoto cha standard four. Grow the fcuk up and learn to take humour like a real man. Jiiiisas,too much oestrogen flowing today

Ibilisi @Tom Bayeye enda ukatombewe huko Busia na waganda saitani mwekundu. You are such an idiot.

You go boy!!! Your imbecilic insults are clearly reflective of your age.

Nvchieth ghasia