Mechanic profession

Jobless Engineering youth can make a Killing by simply using their skills to offer first class service to car owners. If you are a car owner you must have noticed that nearly 100% of mechanics are probably high school leavers and mainly rely on kubahatisha to solve car problems. A Mechanic would Tell you sijui ubadilishe this and that as you try to fault find say the source of noise under the hood of your car, before you know it you would have coughed a lot of mulla which you could have probably spend a tenth of it to fix the actual problem.

Why is this so? competence and low skill level. Most mechanics don’t know that every machine (car) has its manufacturer’s manual. And if they do, the niggas aren’t educated enough to read and understand instructions in the manual and solve car problems in real time. It is for that reason ndio unasikia owners complaining about reliability of sijui German machines, well it isn’t really about the reliability, it is about inadequacy of skilled personnel capable of handling these machines.

If only engineering graduates can decide to get their hands dirty, get all the content of these cars, go through them comprehensively, I am sure they would be able to offer antidote to what is ailing Many cars on Kenyan roads. I wish they knew!!!

Problem is they will charge a premium in labour cost which is why many kenyans rely on these bahatisha mechanics who really get their hands dirty and are everywhere. A very sorry situation indeed. Tukienda electric sijui kutakuwa vipi

Kina otis watapigwa ‘sock’ wakijaribu trial and error.

Most of German machines ziko na electrical ana electronics mingi siku hizi, si bure watu hulia venye hizo magari huwasumbua… But it ain’t really about gari kusumbua, it is all about getting the right minds to deal with them.
Kuna talker juzi alipost a documentary showing for one to become a mechanic in Japan they must have a degree, si bure their cars zikikam Kenya ziko top notch ni kama hazijawahi tumika.

Then again afadhali kuwa charged premium ukijua baada ya hapo you will go home satisfied having solved the problem

hawaezi lipa hio bill.


At some point you just humble yourself and take the jobs that are available.

Engineering has nothing to do with cars. That is the first thing you should note. Even those under Automotive engineering would have a hard time in the trade, because their training does not target diagnostics but design aspects. Motor vehicle mechanics belong to a totally different field, that takes about 3 to 4 years of comprehensive training, passion, and dedication to master. I doubt we have any institution that offers such training in the country.

Another downside is that Mwangis and Kinuthias are unwilling to part with the dollar and would rather prefer cheap kibandasky services.

Kazi ni kazi, the younger generation wanatafuta white collar na blue ndio zimejaa

Kenyan engineering graduates cannot tell the difference between an open ended spanner from a box spanner.

Well, we all know there is no much design going on in Kenya or if there is any in the first place. For that reason, the best our engineering graduates can make themselves useful is by offering standard preventive and corrective maintenance of machinery. For cars, I know mechanical and electrical engineering graduates can easily handle them if they put in the effort. Car Manufacturers has already provided all the manuals, what one needs is basically engineering background, go through the content and provide solutions in real time. They don’t necessarily need to have pursued automotive engineering to get things done

You are simplifying the field too much. The car manual will hardly take you anywhere. As an automotive mechanic, you have to be conversant with dozens of vehicle systems’ configurations and the symptoms they display when faulty. This is not an easy task, which explains why some mechanics specialize in particular vehicle types or systems. The skills you need to make a competent mechanic cannot be substituted with skills acquired elsewhere. That is why you need years of training in a specialized institution.

Hao mech wa jua kali wamenikula doh sana. One day my car just quit. Wouldn’t start at all. Manze hao maghaseer walifanya nibadilishe fuel pump, oxygen sensor, plug coils…then nikaita mzae mwingine. Alil wire test did the trick. Akapata kwenye moto ilikuwa inapotelea na gari ikaanza ku prrrrr like a cat. They are cheap of none technical fixes

Watu wa apprenticeship wengi huwa hivyo.

Hehehe. Yaani hawajui difference between ‘ga-ten’ na box?

Tukubali mechanics wa kenya hawapendi kuchoka na masomo, hawataki kutumia internet kujua zaidi, kazi yao ni kupora wakenya na kuharibu gari za watu.

Gari yyote itakuwa sawa hadi ifanyiwe service ya kwanza na mechanic mkenya, shida zinaanza hapo