Mechanic crashes client’s V8 during test drive on Forest Road

This happened in the morning on my way to work. A cautionary tale.

Thursday, September 9, 2021 – A man is counting losses after his V8 was badly damaged when the mechanic was doing a road test.

He had left his car in the garage for repairs, only to receive bad news that the mechanic had been involved in an accident along Forest Road.

The mechanic reportedly lost control of the top-of-the-range vehicle after it developed a mechanical problem and crashed into a wall.

hii ni j100 land cruiser banae. hii mambo ya ati v8 tumechoka kuskia

Looks like a Landcruiser GX, hapa repair bill ni range ya 750K to 1M

Bumper, headlights, AC radiator, fender, Airbags and sensors, bonnet, parking radar sensors.

Mechs are the worst drivers wameshindwa tu na watu wa car wash !

Huyu mechanic ashafika rongo siaya County hatawai patikana tena.

:D:D:D.lakini mbona umefikiria ni mjaka.kama ni mjaka ako kisumu akiulizia bei ya net na mbao za kuunda boat.

Hio iko na major damage,if the sump was hit and it leaked all the oil na the vehicle was moving hapo ni kubad plus transmission components got damaged especially the transfer case hapa garage owner is looking at a loss of least 700 k

@BBIsiMuhimu would advice, “And this is why I drive a 2004 Toyota succeed to avoid such problems. My 2004 succeed only uses 2 liters of fuel from Kinoo to my palace in Rumuruti raikifia carrying firewood, unga and moso bamboo sidrings. I can’t even finish 20k on fuel or mechanical issues. Kshs. 2,476 and 43 cents is usually sufficient for my needs.”


Kama iko na insurance sioni issue hapo. Normal damage

garages are usually incompetent and cannot pull frame to spec. they usually slap new parts on to the twisted frame as it is. the vehicle is never the same again.

Such vehicles are rarely insured man.

Lol…kwani si v8

Are there garages in Kenya that can do a good job straightening the frame?

Only major dealers like CMC ,Dt Dobie , Isuzu east Africa,pewin motors or Toyota Kenya wako na electronic jig saw machine ya chassis straightening and it ain’t cheap

I have never seen one. Even when they have a jigging frame no one knows how to use it. At one time I had to have some welding done to make a pulling rig and did pull a car frame to acceptable position after insurance garage fitted new parts on to a bent frame.

Insurance write off. Lakini insurance italipa kweli kama si covered driver amegongesha. Walete hapa Grogon niko na wajamaa watainyorosha