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Tanzanian newspaper suspended for ‘insulting president’

Tanzanian president John Magufuli delivers a speech during the swearing in ceremony in Dar es Salaam, on November 5, 2015. Mwanahalisi newspaper has been suspended for two years for insulting the president. AFP PHOTO | DANIEL HAYDUK

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An independent Tanzanian newspaper has been suspended for two years, a government spokesman said Tuesday, accusing the publication of sedition and endangering national security.

The critical Mwanahalisi newspaper was shut after publishing a letter on Monday from a reader containing “insults” against President John Magufuli and his government, said spokesman Hassan Abbasi.

Abbasi said the paper had received several warnings. The daily has been shuttered on several occasions in the past, for three months in 2008 and then three years between 2012 and 2015.


The offending letter said that Magufuli “claims to be a patriot but questions the patriotism of anyone who opposes him. This is hypocritical.”

Mocking Magufuli’s regular calls for people to pray for him, the article asks if in fact one should not rather pray for opposition lawmaker Tundu Lissu who was shot and injured earlier this month.

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By the next election, the only person who will be allowed to speak about politics is megafools by law. Already he has passed a law gagging MPs to only speak politics in Parliament which he controls and their constituency only. Once they leave their constituency they can speak anything political.


#TBT to when they were praising him…kumbe! Na hata huyu wa kujifanya ati he’ll be Mandela and serve 5 years, mtashtukia imekuwa 50years. :D:D:D:D


Ndio wahenga wakasema…nikawaskiza… Heri nibaki na saitan nimjuaye kuliko malaika nisiyemjua. Maghufuli, Trump, all hailed as God sent…na zile vitu wanafanya…ahaaah, wacha hata huyo God-sent mwingine akae…


Makufooli has the brain of an orangutang…he behaves like those village headmen in a far away tribe deep in the Amazonian jungle…Otherwise what do u say of a president ambaye anainsist lazima akue amejipin na ka-itoka na ako official duty (Hessy thank u for the Cayole dictionary:D:D)

The fool can do that only in Tanzania. Hiyo upus haiwes fanywa huku