Meanwhile Governor Rescue



Dryfry artist Kidero kwa dustbin. Kioko wa Matembe ndaaaaaani

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Populist and unsustainable however


Mbicha za clean up?

If you live/work in Nairobi ya chini you must have noticed missing garbage on the streets.

I pray that Sonko keeps up the momentum. He’s got something to prove.

I hope he continues with the same spirit, kwanza most markets are filthy. And ridding the streets of hawkers and chokoraas needs to happen very soon.

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Story ya hawkers ni tricky. But I hope there will be some order in Nairobi. They can be annoying at times. I know people are working to get food shelter clothing and a better life, but they can get to your nerves as a pedestrian/road user.

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But Kenyans talk like it’s the governor who litters all those dustbins.

I’m driving on my way to shaggz and the passengers in the bus ahead of me is throwing Banana peels, orange peel, milk carton, mukombero sticks etc Cc. @Kasighau …outside the window. Then tomorrow ako, Nairobi aki ni chafu , waki ban polythene bags aki tutaenda soko na nini…



Naians of both classes are the proverbial nyanis that halioni kundule

That’s how he will steal County funds in the name of facilitating Rescue Team

Kwanza aingie Kariorkor aisafishe ing’are.

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Wacha kujipea stress. Those are biodegradable

Hehe. I know and that is the same reasoning people use when littering.