Meanwhile earlier in the afternoon, Ktalk had an Annual General Meeting.



Ngoja nisikie mutu…

Jakipash offsprings:D:D:D


:smiley: Navy seal mwenyewe

alpha males after a hard day wading off kungurus

Hua unaipolish na wax type gani? :smiley:

Warding off - Kwani ulikuwa desk mate wa @It’s Le Scumbag Pivot Point Beauty College?

Nanii tusianze…pris. You know where you are in that line,you do not need to draw attention to yourself… But again,Frying Squad can not resist.
Wapi ile mwisi ya patent @amun ?

Nimeona makonika na mera mata.

Turtle wax.

Tukutane pale chini ya mti. :stuck_out_tongue: