meanwhile akombe continues revealing the truth

Credible Oct 26 repeat election not possible: Akombe

Former IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe speaks to a Sunday Nation reporter in New Jersey, USA, on October 20, 2017. She said the commission will not be able to conduct a credible poll this month. PHOTO | CHRIS WAMALWA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

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Dr Akombe said she found so many structural weaknesses in the composition of the commission.
She called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga to dialogue to avert the impending catastrophe.
Former electoral agency commissioner Roselyn Akombe has said that political interference has rendered the agency so dysfunctional that any hope of the commission carrying out a credible repeat election on October 26 is impossible.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Sunday Nation from New Jersey on Friday, Dr Roselyn Akombe, who recently quit citing frustrations from fellow commissioners and senior secretariat staff, painted a picture of a statutory body that was not just at war with itself but also one that has become a poster child for political interference.

"The commissioners can’t agree on anything and if they did, chances are that the decisions made would be ignored by the Secretariat.

“In the end, you end up going round and round without making any meaningful decisions,” she said.

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Dr Akombe claimed that Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission commissioners and senior staff at the secretariat were there to serve the interests of politicians.


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"Decisions are made somewhere else and passed on for ratification and implementation.

“Commissioners and senior staff at the secretariat are put in line through bribery and threats. If you don’t agree with them then your life is in danger,” she said.

Dr Akombe, who disclosed that she personally faced numerous threats and intimidations for the positions she took during her time at the commission, said she fled the country partly because of her life was in danger and that she had hit a brick wall.

“The other commissioners shot down every suggestion I made to level the playing field as had been recommended by the Supreme Court, so my position in the commission became untenable because I knew we were not complying with the court orders,” she added.

Looking relaxed and rejuvenated, Dr Akombe, an employee of the United Nations headquartered in New York, who took a sabbatical leave to join the commission with the hope of giving back to the country her vast experience, said she found so many structural weaknesses in the composition of the Wafula Chebukati led commission and the secretariat, and a culture of patronage so entrenched that in the end, she couldn’t function.

"In many ways, my plan to come back to the US started as soon as I got the commission job because while I believed I got the job because I [was] qualified, there were those who wanted to make me feel that I was undeserving of the job.

“In essence, they wanted me to be beholden to them.”

Dr Akombe believes that a small click of secretariat staff led by Ezra Chiloba, the chief executive officer who is currently on leave, are the ones who were responsible for the bungled August 8 presidential election that was subsequently annulled by the Supreme Court.

Ata hivyo RWNNNNBP

Throwing stones from a safe distance.

Hii mutu ilikua ya NASA

I find this whore very distasteful. When you leave people hanging, what would make you think that they’d want to know what you think? Unless of course you want to cause farther damage.

This doggone media too is very hypocritical. They keep accusing Kenyans of causing unrest and anxiety within the populace but they very conveniently forget about their own role in unsettling wananchi. Akombe’s accusations are obviously meant to undermined IEBC which is already under the gun from all sides. How do we possibly benefit from knowing what Akombe thinks?

huyu mtu anashinda akisema "political interference " si aseme Mara moja ni team gani inasumbua IEBC… tujue whether it’s jubilee or NASA kama sio hivo “hii yooooote ni mnyambo ya punda”


Why hasn’t she written officially to President Uhuru to make her resignation official. Writing to the Chebukati isn’t official. I thought this commissioner were supposed to be well versed with the law. Its the same tactic RAT is using on his irregular “withdrawal”

So how was the threats met on her… By who and when.

Akombe ni mchezaji wa kulipwa. she was outed long ago as a naswa mole and nothing she does can be seen as credible.
@gashwin asked “what will the agenda of the dialogue be” none of the Ojingaists want to answer that.
atokomee mbali pepo nyeusi yeye!!

This mkora’s brother should have his asylum cancelled and be shipped back to the country asap.

And the journalists interviewing her needs to ask her why she took a state officer’s job while she held citizenship of another country .

The mole is gone. Now naswa will be depending on chabukati for insider info but that will be hard coz the guy is under heavy surveillance. I think Akombe is regretting her decision. She thought everything would fall apart after her exit. Now she’s left babuon to go drying

mimi kama ni @chebukatineza nachukua hi 2 billion ya uhuru na kumu announce president 28th mapema mapema

The CEO Chiloba runs the secretariat while the commission makes the decisions. When she says its a “clique” it implies that she only agrees with Chiloba work if it suits her and if not he and the secretariat are wrong and therefore a “clique”. She just proves what everyone say about her. She expects only her opinion to count and if the rest disagree they have been compromised. Trust me the other commissioners don’t miss her and work has been very smooth since she left. We will only preserver Chebukati for the sake of the nation but that timid, weakling and indecisive chairman better go back to odm after the elections.



Kwanza she will be shocked when everything goes perfectly. No more leaks, disruptions and sabotage.

she must then be the originator of some of the dumb decisions @chubukatineza has made like exclusion of other presidential candidates in the fresh election.

i hate her small face and the high cheek bones… everything about this attention seeking nasarite in the name of Okombe

Police are now investigating a conspiracy by a section of National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders to subvert the Constitution and the rule of law by sabotaging democratic Presidential Elections on 26th October 2017, government spokesman Eric Kiraithe has said.

According to the government spokesman, the conspiracy is aimed at capturing state power without following the imperatives of the constitution of Kenya 2010.

“The key pranks of the plan is bribery of compromised office holders in the judiciary and IEBC with huge sums of money, use of violence to prevent Kenyans from voting for a presidential candidate of their choice, radicalization of some communities to ignore the rule law and fanatically follow their commands,” Kiraithe said in statement to newsrooms.

The government is accusing NASA of inducing IEBC commissioners to resign at critical moments in the process so as to sabotage the elections.

Akombe is so damn sexy kwanza akiongeza nyama kiasi . wewe endelea kuwank jinga .

What was she waiting for? She should have let someone else do the job. As others have previously mentioned, she had evil intentions. Right now she’s trying to stoke fires so that she can get enough fodder for her family’s asylum petition. She is very insincere and unpatriotic.

She must be the insider babuon was talking about