Me, Myself and I

Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. Never trade your reality for a role, or your truth for an act. Never give up your freedom of thought. Never put on a mask. You have your own way. Honor it.


Reminds me of The Invictus.

Great Poet…“You are a master of your fate and a captain of your soul…”

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Sounds nice but no man is an island,u can’t control ur emotions just the way u react e.g when ur angry u can choose to fight or walk away

Unfortunately bro, we are made to fit in and perpetuate a society. With the size and complexity of human brain, emotions and other people’s influence is gauranteed. You only have to try to influence the other person’s emotions too. That way, there will be a balance.

@kalel, and whatever you choose to day’ that’s your way and by that you are not allowing anyone to control your emotions…And yes, you can control your emotions…

this forum is about politics and vagina…what is all this mushy mushy crap

@Ingia, Beg to differ…Yes they are guaranteed but i don’t think it should dictate what you believe in. That’s your truth and you don’t have to convince or influence the other person’s emotions.

Okay. You have to. Just like you and I are repying to each other here while no one is being paid for it. You only dont take things overboard like you or I go do something bad because one could get the other to agree. We influence each other in a society.

@junkie, I’ve had enough of that shit and no one has forced you to go through the piece…Change is healthy too

on behalf of this administration i will have to support @junkie on this one. we have already found the perfect way to waste our time. Son, y don’t u get us nudes of all the women in your circle and we shall make you a village elder huh?

Thanks for ur Offer aint interested…