Me, Mandimonis...BOOM!

I know Unicorn is a bit of a joker around here but she’s a different kind in real life. Offline, she is very intelligent, very sophisticated, family-oriented and above all, she is a young country lady with a big heart. …and this is the other Unicorn typing not Unicorn the joker (For slow people, this is a warning, msilete ujinga kwa hii thread)[ATTACH=full]10390[/ATTACH]

Just a week ago I took my son to one of his friend’s birthday party, we had the normal birthday fun yada yada yada. We get home in the evening and we do a few things together then out of nowhere he asks me “Mommy, can I have a brother and a sister?”. I look at him eyes wide open and I don’t know what to tell him. He doesn’t stop there, he continues, “It would be fun, we would play together, sleep in my bus (his bed is a bus design so he calls it a bus), go see dinosaurs together”…

I meet a lot of genuinely nice guys but every time they wonna take it further I freak out and end up pushing them away and if they insist on hanging around, I eventually do a ghosty on them. The thought of introducing a new man to my son as his dad freaks me out big time. I just don’t know how I would do it.

There is this incident when some guy whom I went out for dinner once tried to hold me, I felt like my late hubby is watching me and I felt like I’m cheating on him. So, I just pushed him away and run to my car and drove off like a psycho. The poor soul did not know what was going on and he still thinks that I suffer from MPD. That marked the end of me going out on dates so basically, my life has been all about family, career and a few selection of friends.

Anyway, here i am with my son, he’s asking for a sibling and the little dude doesn’t understand that I got some demons to fight with first. I’m dedicated to what I do for a living because of this kid, making sure I still get time to spend with him while he still adores my cuddles coz hey…they grow up really quick. Despite making sure that he has the best life, it seems that there is still one more thing I still need to do. For this reason, I have decided to face off my mandimonis. I’m seriously looking for a seed “scatterer”.’ How I Met Your Father’…The story begins!


oooh yes they grow up really first…enjoy the cuddles, the kisses, the games…ooh dear…

I am up for the task nimekula njugu sahani mbili for breakfast you will sire cute babies like me :stuck_out_tongue:

kuna A.I kwa binadamu??

Oh yes, it’s scary how quick they grow.

Sitaki watoto wajinga bwana Mzee mjinga.



every stage has its own joys…remember once when my boy was 4 or five, went to super with him, akaona trust condom started screaming ati i buy for him…ati ‘mum i want to protect our love’ the super market went silent waiting for my reply…:slight_smile:


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:Di’m waiting for your reply too.

Uko na mayai? Usikae sana zitakua boiro.



Sawa tu lakini I had foreseen a clash of interest in the future since I like Blackcurrent

This is the day unco became like his bukusu shepherd.



Dr. Luther’s friend freezed some for me;)…i said i’m very intelligent…remember?

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@Supu don itakuuuwaaje? Si unihook na @Unicorn

OOOH swits…you are too sweet to give away…i love my gal @ unicorn but let us help her get another donor…was thinking @kyuktothecore ama @nairobilay

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sperm banks ziko. infact they have descriptive details of the donor, keusi, keupe, karefu, kafupi, premature kipara, kanono, kakonde, maskio popo e.t.c

@Unicorn, unataka mbegu pekee ama mtu ata kuwa around for the kid

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Sawa, lakini @nairobilay nope?