Mdomo kauka strikes again

Wakanyama and sons


Note how men prefer feminine names

Hiyo kura haipotei…

Ncsscs ni nini field marashial wa ma mungich

Unasema nini Mkisii Msoto?

TOJ…looks like having a president is not enough for them, they have to artificially inseminate goats to quench their insatiable hunger and ensure tyranny of numbers is maintained.

Hehehe…anakaa mtoto wako that you sired with a dirty tit lanye


Either, you have a wierd fetish to

or you cant read and comprehend a simple sentence. How you jumped from “stolen” to “fucked” is beyond natural progression of things.

But you’re right that

We’re also going to make sure that RWNEBP!

Natural progression dictates that Macharia stole his granny’s goat to fuck it before fucking the Granny.
I am willing to bet my whole salo that that fucker fucked the goat. It’s extremely common in those parts of the country.

Tribalism will kill you mofos .

:eek::eek::eek:hii kijiji needs a psychiatrist and/or a prep supplier

Looks like you’re still slaving for some Kikuyu!

:D:D:D the type of hatred you have is enough to fuel Hell for a 1000 years. Na ujinga ni it makes you look stupid each time.

hiyo mshash kidogo ya muhindi? just keep it at least ulipe nusu ya rent.


Troll you can hug a transformer i have 0 love for you

Mshahara kidogo ya mhindi? Nigga please…

eiish at this rate both sides digging in wearing helmets kakinuka kenya itakuwa mbaya… factor in drought estimates 100,000-500,000 victims

It is almost obvious…

Never ever. Sigwes. It’s actually the other way round.