Mdomo inanuka kuoza

Jana watu walichanuana kuhusu nyap inanuka.

Sasa Kuna huyu my colleague mdomo hunuka Kama imeoza. The worst part Ni vile he always kukaribia mtu akiongea and he doesn’t seem to realize he has the problem.

Watu wachanuane on how to recognize if you have the problem and home remedies for it.

Mwambie, ‘Niaje buda, nimeboeka. Si tukabrush meno?’ Lakini chunga isikuwe @junkie, atakuita gay na amange bibi yako.




Could that “colleague” be you?

Anyway, on a serious note, there are people who stink even immediately after a shower or brushing. And the sad part is that they can detect the smell themselves. I think it is a medical condition though @Luther12 may be better placed to expound.

I suggest that if you are close to the “colleague” and feel that he won’t take it as rude, just tell him and advise him to see a doc. Had a lady friend with smelly feet, and the approach worked.


mwambie akiange akibrush asubuhi na usiku

na anaweza tumia some vinegar akimaliza kubrush meno

ama aweke yoghurt :smiley: ama abebe tumaji kama walalo

chunga inaeza kuwa disease flani, namjua mjama fulani ata akibrush mara 3 huwa tu na iyo smell.

na kuuliza tu dawa gani poa kwa miguu inukayo? yangu ni pathetic

Unaeza kuwa na fungi. Kabla dawa dip in hot water(hot enough for you to feel uncomfortable but not burn) for 15minutes each day for four days. Isipokua fiti then go for meds.

Noting that this is a sex n relationships section, is it right if we assume you are in a sexual relationship with the guy

Always playing the gay card. What if the said smelly dude is his boss and you know how them sonkos talk to your face. On the same note nani amefanyia muhindi kazi na ulafi wao wa vitunguu saumu…

Smelly feet/mouth, etc could be an indicator of an underlying infection. Aside from basic hygiene practices, one needs to have their regular clinician check them out to first rule out any diseases/disorders.

hii ni kama kurogwa ! I change socks n shoes daily! never recycle but I am embarrassed I cannot remove shoes as early as say 9 am ,

Are your shoes real natural leather or faux leather?

pure leather! na socks ni cotton !


Wacha ufala. I don’t swing both ways

Na kuoga?

There these socks called bamboo socks they are very good for people like you maybe @aviator can sell them to you

@Leo Mwangih mbona uko associated na harufu mbaya mbaya hivi?

I don’t know what’s worse,a smelly vagina or smelly mouth.I need both to ejaculate

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