Boxing enthusiasts don’t miss tomorrow’s fight between MAYWEATHER and McGregor whose Irish. McGregor is heavier but after MAYWEATHERs performance in his last big fight with Pacqiamo in 2015 he’s a good bet.

The weigh in…

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Mc gregor will be beaten like a burukenge,mark my words.Not that am a fun of TMT,lakini nivile kuko.


Time please… I understand the difference in time frame utaonyeshwa saa ngapi

Interesting watch.
On the outlook it’s a walkover for Floyd. This is his sport, a debutant can’t handle sam1 who has beat all the best guys in the sport.
But on the other side the wild nature of McG gives hopes of possibility of a surprise…
Nataka mmoja alambe canvas lakini

Sunday 6am

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I want to impale you

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Vlad the impaler…I see what you did there.