MCA's na shida zao

Do you remember him ? Runyenjes Central Member of the County Assembly (MCA) Steve ‘Simba’ Munene shocked Kenyans when he said that their spouses should be compensated for the time they spend in loneliness as their partners are busy conducting “county business.”. This issue was the topic of discussion by Kenyans who allegedly disagreed with him. He later apologised and said as a leader, he has an obligation to apologise to Kenyans who misunderstood his statement.

Kenyans might have forgiven him but not his wife. Rumor from Runyenjes has it that his wife has already filed a divorce citing ” Humiliation ” . She claims that his husband’s remarks have made her a laughing stock of the community. Ridicule is the order of the day and she cant contain any more of it . She has already filed the divorce to separate from the greedy MCA who wanted to use her maliciously .

Here are photos of the MCA

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serves him right,…