MBS is the Arab version of Uhuru Kenyatta

A total loser who only became ruler because his father was also one. Saudi Arabia and other members of the GCC had to eat humble pie because their 3-year “land, sea, and air blockade” of Qatar failed miserably. Business went on in Qatar as usual. They felt absolutely nothing those qataris. Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest arms importer, has also terribly failed in Yemen. Their 5-year bombardment of the Middle East’s poorest country has thoroughly failed to defeat the underfed Houthis. They have no idea how to use the shiny weapons America throws at them. The Khashoggi murder was another disaster. Yaani this guy has proved to be completely useless. If he becomes king, I predict he’ll be overthrown and/or assassinated within 10 years. You can’t allow such an incompetent fool to control trillions of dollars of oil. Hiyo hapana banaa.





Or what?

Nigger, shut up!

Peasant in Chief

leaders are not born , they are made