mbona wanaume hujisumbua hivi?


Money and S*ex are two of the most disruptive elements in male / female relationships.
[ … Sadly also , an excess of both is equally disruptive …] :oops:

Based on the Wife’s position , it seems there is a disconnect between expectaions and reality …
It depends on how close the bond is between them …

beta male alijifunga mapema, imagne if he had waited 10 years and saved that money. Today, he could be a millionaire with investments all over. Saa hii amefungwa na watoto watatu na kunguru haitosheki. He could have had his pick of hoes by the time he hit 35. Saa hii he will die of sexual starvatino and depression

wife ana pata 50K per month na anasema its not enough na anajua very well chali ana baki na 20K. Huyo kunguru ana rudisha huyo jamaa nyuma. He should kick her to the curb the earlier the better

Poor beta hasn’t realized that nothing is ever enough for a woman. Do you know why women are the most miserable creatures on earth? Because they are never content. She always wants more, always looking for a better deal. Sasa jamaa anapea wife half his salary and it’s still not enough. Even if he gave her all his salary, she’d still say it’s not enough and start pressuring him to find a job that pays more. If I were him, I’d walk away. Even the court wouldn’t ask him for half his salary as child support.

Na saa hiyo kunguru inaishi kwa govt housing so either the rent is very low ama ata hawalipi. Jamaa kwenye ako anasurvive na salary ya intern just to please an ungrateful kunguru. Huyo hatawai endelea kimaisha and the kunguru will leave him when he’s too weak to build himself and with nothing to his name.

Shit is depressing

That’s why a jobless wife or one who earns less is the best

But in this case tge kunguch is earning less but bafo ni ghasia tu

They are never content with themselves in the first place, not even their God. Who the fuck are you to satisfy them??

Shhhhh but we keep them anyway. Its an unavoidable poison.

:D:D:D:D:D…Hii kunguru inataka kumaliza jamaa financially ndio jamaa isikue na pesa ya kukimbiza makunguru,or have fuck you money and leave her ,ogopa female nature.

this are the kind of people who tell you ati muoane mapema muanzie maisha from scratch…so that you can undergo such tomenting times…hahaa…and you call that mapenzi???..i know the jamaa wherever he is analia tu peke yake and worse of all maybe it is something he could have waited a little longer juu hakuna mtu anakukimbiza uoane…

Most women operate on that flawed logic. Demand as much money from the husband as possible so that it becomes next to impossible for him to grow financially ndio ati asianze kufukuzana na side chics. Women can be more evil than the devil himself.

The guy now has two options:

  1. Put himself first and leave that kunguru, then he can just pay fees for the kids and send some little upkeep then invest the rest and live abundantly there after.

  2. Bend to societal pressure to “man up” and be a “real man.” Work even harder to send her even more money, then retire with nothing to show for his life’s work and live his sunset years in absolute misery and hatred towards the people who took his productive years and resources from him.

Since he seems like a beta, there’s a more than 90% chance he’ll go with option 2. May the almighty be with him.

i wont even accept to marry with a saloo of 50k…

Am sure you have followed the same blueprint and are now a millionaire 10 times over right? wachaneni na hizi theories zenu my fren

at leasy amo not wallowing in a miasmi of despair and whining due to the fact that my own wife is driving me into banktruptcy

How does the wife even know how much he makes. Kwani mshahara yao imeekwa kwa notice board ya ofisi ya chief?