the thirst is real

boys are curious, I also remember me and a group of friends arguing about what is usually underneath a girls dress. None of us had the courage to ask a girl…everything was just pure theory. Men, would we argue for hours!!!


hehe I remember while in class four we also had an argument, the only difference was that we believed sleeping with an older woman “utachomeka your dick” so we used to fear older chics and onle teased the younger ones in class, if we heard a chic was older than us we would openly laugh at her. damn we were cruel

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lower primary, class three.

But more recently in high school when we came across porn, we would argue that if you are sexing a girl and she puts a finger in her ass, then my friend you get stuck in her coz of sijui air pressure and stuff like that hehe



tulikua tunaweka kioo chini ya dem tuone. tukiona kapanty tunaenjoy. so we had codenames for chix based on colour ya panty. “Red anacome huyo ni wako Koolibah mchune tuone akilia.”

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HOYA alert!


But ofcourse…

Mlikuwa na ujinga sana.

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Declare the source ama ni mbisakiosk. Thankyou

sasa, ningetype mungesema ni hekaya, nikiback up evidence, tena museme ni photo kiosk . NKT

hatujasema ni hekaya, ni vile mbisha zingine hasifikishi KEB threshold.

It reminds me when i was about 7 years old and we were playing “tapo” (hide and seek) at my friends house alafu i decided to hide in their bafu. I vividly remember being in this confined room and when i looked up there was some women underwear hang on a kakamba and obviously they were her moms. I also remember my dick hardening for what i couldnt explain then. Kumbe ni manjaa! Ofcourse i was too young to know where to stick my little willy but that was officially the first time i was ever turned on in my Life!

sketch priss:D:D:D

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