A certain house girl invited me in her boss’ house on a Friday, she knew they usually come very late in the night, but this time round they came right inside found us doing it on their own matrimonial bed…the wife started shouting, as the man went to kitchen to look for a weapon because he was quite small in body, he couldn’t take me down even by miracle, the wife came, tried to catch me, but I gave her two electrical slaps that send her down not to get up again…the husband appeared with a nyundo, tried to hammer me with it, it hit my chest, I got up, then gave him a kick in the stomach, alinyamba kwa sauti kubwa sana…I then got him up, tied his hands and legs with a neck tie, then comfortably put on my clothes, and walked out majestically bouncing like a jogoo, melted into Umoja not to see myself in Buruburu ever again for 7 months.



Ile umeffi some people post here is just disrespectful to VEs and VS

More worse its just a fertile imagination with 0% truth in it.

And just like that, you would have gotten shot.

am disappointed
Very Disappointed

Of late kuna bangi mbaya inacirculate hapa.



Niaje Wariah.
Kujia smoothie ya spaghetti na beans.

I was waiting to hear that you tied the man with a neck tie and continued until threshold was met


Ukule mboch, upige bibi na bwana?
Walai ata ukuwe nani you will have signed your death warrant. I will hunt you down whichever hole you choose to hide in.

saintonthewharreva you call yourself this is to demean the whole family I mean what the ferk? ???

hako kamzee kafupi ndio aibu na ego yake imekua crushed mbaya. hata kakiskia wife na mboch wakicheka kitchen katadhania wanakacheka.sadness of a midget

nuff said

I couldn’t agree more…neck tie???

unawacha mboch wa Kite kuenda Buru Buru.

Idler with hekaya za Abunuwasi