Mboch and carwash

If you have a home or a family own a car or any other kind of automobile and have a mboch,please don’t make her wash your car in the morning before you leave for work.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa


Hiyo si kazi yao,unless you will pay extra for that,otherwise she will drain all her sorrows on your lovely kid


Her work is to do domestic chores “and any other duties assigned by the household” so hiyo ni kazi yake. Mimi sina mboch by the way but I may have to get one soon.

What the house help does should not concern the man of the house period!


wacha kutesa mboch , mimi sato Clichy lasima asafiche gari ingare .

:eek::eek:huyo ni child labour. Kuosha X6 ya muhindi sio mcheso.

mtoto unamfanya aoshe gari…???

so ni ya muhindi eeh?
@uwesmake utajitetea ukiwa upande gani?


:D:D:D:D:D hata kama ni ya mhindi si nimesema mtoi ndio anaosha sato sida iko wapi ?

mtoi ako how old.tuanzie hapo?

Agreed! I find it so insensitive… if you can’t pay for cash then get a man to do it! Gardener/Caretaker/Watchman

What of those who engage in sex with the mboches like many villagers here confess.
Doesn’t it concern them?

Our caretaker does it for me and charges to 100 per day. Is that fair, cheap ama expe?

zaaa wako wachana na Heir to the throne yangu

A piece to take to the bank.

Wacheni kutafuta tudem tudogo kuwa mboch. Look for a mama your wife can cal auntie. Atalulelea watoto poa. Again wale wako na mboch, kuosha gari is not part of her.

I’ve always had the same thought, doesn’ seem right at all…

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:…fooking pervert.