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I recently responded to this link ( http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/photo-that-made-the-photographer-commit-suicide-after-criticism.2852/ ) by @Ebru about the Rwandan genocide and the failed chances by those reponsible to stop the genocide. h
Here was my comment:
‘This image reminds me of another similar situation during the Rwanda genocide. A number of diplomats were trapped inside a building in kigali together with Tutsis who were being massacred by the Hutus. The Hutu militia (intera hamwe) had surrounded the building ready to invade and execute their victims. When word reached the peace keeping UN soldiers, they rushed there to evacuate. When they reached there, the Tutsis were very happy that the soldiers had come to save them so they came out of their hideout. They were wrong. The white soldiers only evacuated white diplomats!
One diplomat says that as soon as the truck carrying them left the compound, hundreds of intera hamwe could be seen storming the compound and mercilessly slaughtering the Tutsis. They all died. If the soldiers had stayed put, probably a few would have been saved.
I hear most soldiers who are alive today still cannot believe that they let a manageable situation get out of hand which led to hundreds of thousands of live being lost. Sad’

Somebody had asked for Mbisha/link to complement this ka-story.
Now Please watch this Documentary by PBS first aired in 2004 which is a nine part 15minutes episodes series:
Here it is:

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hahaaa. nakumbuka nikiona dunia wiki hii hiyo time. i was very small lakini i understood death. I think i remember the images because i hadnt seen a human in that state before.

I grew up with some Rwandese …some who were children of gorvernor and generals, the reason they are still alive is because they
were wealthy but their parents were first to be killed …but they managed to escape

France, Uganda and the present president Kagame played a very big role in the genocide right now they live in exile in Belgium
and other European countries. Upto today Kagame still looks for them , and all their wealth was taken over by generals.

If u ever tried to mention to them about peacekeepers in Africa, they would hear non of it

Totally concur with you.Got some rwandese in laws based here in Kenya.They believe kagame z the real master mind coz over ten years after genocide he stil tracks down those former cabinet ministers and murders them in cold blood,not to mention their property z controlled by some corrupt goons within the military…

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He has also been killing former security chiefs who were instrumental in his ascendancy to power. Some kind of purge because they know too many secrets.

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@WuTang @Diffre @Purr_27 if yall were kagame what would you do? Bring the question back home, if i were Uhuru, i would trace all the culprits of PEV and kill them. Would constitute a Recce Squad squarely to deal with financiers and organizers of the thing and reposes all their material wealth. Sometimes democracy with some form of dictatorship is good. Democracy is name used by capitalist to plunder a countries wealth.

That Video is too graphic cant watch it

Kagame is very clever. “The truth does not matter. Winning does”. Its unfortunate but its true. Kama uamini uliza our very own Obako

Obako z one clever guy who knows how to use and dump.
All his former friends cry foul.
Now those are kind of frnds(heartless) u nid kip off.

This revenge shit just never stops coz kagame generation wil one day face the wrath of the former Ministers’ kids(orphans)

And will Uhuru start with himself given that he was one of the main suspects? Killing people just creates more problems and a country like Rwanda should know better because there were other genocides before 1994.

Its actually not a graphic as the shot above shows. Most of it is eye-witness accounts by Diplomats(US,UN Rwandese), Red Cross, Media and Peace Keeping forces. My point is that you can see how traumatized they are that they never acted on the sign of this sad event.
Funny enough Rwandese speak the same language and Hutus & Tustsis are only differentiated by the shape of their noses.

Why do you think he is killing everybody?

Anyone who knows bout PEV knws Uhuru was a political game plan. Mungikis were financed by wealthy Kiuks not a single person. It came as a cry for help after kiuks radio stations reported their pple were being mascaraed and killer aimlessly. Aid followed and swiftly mungiki was there policing their pple.

he hopes it neva kams back to haunt him…but fate z sometimes inevitable

So he has to get rid of the evidence

France aided Kagame with his rebels with weapons, money n pushed him to power …but this caused so much bloodshed .
Museveni also aided him since the current president wuldnt let him smuggle gold from Congo via Rwanda

i hate it wen pple idolize how good hes doing for the country n his an animal…he still has former political leaders children in jail
and being killed

Yah. an enemy is pulverized. You leave an enemy breathing, he will later come and murder you. In any place on this world, the leaders are the most cunning, the murderous, the unsympathetic and the merciless. Good people pay tax and follow the rules. Its about “on which side do you want to be?”

I agree with you. I was in Rwanda recently and couldn’t understand why people speaking the same language,who have intermarried so many times, that they look alike, could turn against each other so ruthlessly…Until i watched this and other documentaries about the Genocide. It wasn’t about being hutu/tutsi, it was actually about thirst for power by a few individuals. In Kigali people seem to be afraid (or suspicious) of one another. They speak in low tones, even when drunk, and I could sense a cloud…a cloud of doom hanging over this beautiful country, over its beautiful people. A people that is mostly not sure of what the future holds for them if (God forbid) the strongman Kagame dies. I could see it in their eyes.

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manze iyo vida :frowning:

Its amazing how Paul Kagame (a machiavellian darling tyrant) manages to get these people (former allies turned enemies) whenever they are mostly in Africa and butcher them…

Yeah. Considering that the Hutu militia FLDR is a big threat to the country’s stability, and the enemies he has made might one day plot to topple him.