Mbeta Meo amechoka kukaliwa na khupipi

I don’t understand most of this video but we see a typical entitled woman bullying a man who is clearly fed up. The best part is he destroys her with words. He gives her such a severe tongue lashing that she freezes like a deer in headlights and goes completely silent.

Wakissi tupee translation.

That’s a fed up man. This woman looks like she is ready to fight. She does some kungfu moves to intimidate him. I understood everything

Akirusha hiyo mguu unaishikia juu na inabaki huko, I don’t understand most of it apart the few English words, towards the end I can hear him talking about sex for the last two years. Ni kama amenyimwa for the last two years.

Problem ni kupiga mama mbele ya watoto especially vijana…they will never forgive you. This is a wise man who has chosen to refrain. But he is fed up

@Eng’iti minyokaa iga…

If you marry a good woman, you’ll be happy. If you marry a bad woman, you’ll become a philosopher.

For the last two years, the man hasn’t enjoyed sex.

Wakisii simutupatie samali ya bogonko anasemaje

This man’s talk is faster than Busta Rhymes rapping

Vitu gani hizi mandume zinaoa :D:D:D:Dwell played though.He put her in her place.Mpaka anafreeze kama scare crow.How do you even get a hard on to fuack such an ugly woman?

Mpaka mwanamuke ikakunja mikono.

But surely, I am sure huyo mogaka lazima ajiweke mandom apate psyche ya kudinya kitu inakaa hivo gaaki!

She is lucky to have @Beta meo husband.
My course of action would be as follows …take note @Purple
1.I would beat her properly strategic points which no one will notice
2.i will properly screw her both holes that they be sour for months
3.a man cares about love of kids of a woman who loves him not this scam

please elaborate for @Purple’s benefit :D:D

He is wise. You can easily murder someone in such situations. In a blink, kisu inaeza tembea and it is over. You then have to spend years in prison.

Your gay ways cant be masked

Well I have been married for 15 years… I do not understand how a man can stay in a sexless marriage for 2 years.

Why can’t he just return to sender?

Where are the MGTOW boys wachambue hii starting with the chairman @Karoga . :D:D:D

happier days[ATTACH=full]304754[/ATTACH]

Well the guy married this village war Lord when he had modest income.Could be village sweethearts.Sex is the underlying issue hiyo ukinyimwa anything else is sour. Lakini a married man huombi ikus, unafungua bedsheet unakula mtu.