Mbegu za Putin, Utapenda


mzito putin hioooreh
Cc @koolibar

That is just an animation… very nicely done.

bonobo animal…
animate that tuone
watoto wa malaya ni sumbua sana

Empty debes always resort to petulant tantrums. You can clearly see from the video that is CGI-generated material. If you cannot tell that it is, then you are a nincompoop beyond redemption!

Uko down manze

now what??
who refuted?
even a kid call out that one
mikundu viraka nyinyi binti

Very unrealistic weapons. Hizo ziko tu kwa akili ya graphic designer.

If Russians invented products to help humanity rather than destroy it si leo hii binadamu angekuwa Mars?
People like Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin who invented Google or rather the modern internet would’ve remained in Moscow instead of running away to the U.S
Russian Jews and other Russian immigrants have contributed a lot to the U.S of A.
Many Jews who invested in Kenya e.g the Block family were immigrants escaping Russian pogroms. Kenyans don’t even know that farmers choice, unilever, Dormans coffee, Carnivore restaurant etc are Russian Jewish establishments.

Grand Pa Biden has more advanced weapons!

Takataka J3w1sh .Russia is better without those racist cunts .Western Europe,China ,Taiwan ,Japana ,South Korea are doing fine without them .