‘The car in front you is a Toyota’ is a mantra that popularises Toyota cars. They are as ubiquitous as tea or coffee. Nissans are everywhere too, Hondas, few Suzukis. Most Mercs and BMWs are left to those thought to roll tobacco in 1000 shillings notes.
Mazda is not that popular, maybe the Demio is, but Mazda does have nice cars. Cheki tu
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village elder na hujui ku-attach photos vizuri?

Waaaaaaaaaar napenda hiyo ya red ya kwanza…

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Japan’s BMW.
“At Mazda, we build cars that are emotionally charged with unique personalities, cars some people love, not cars that many people like, cars that won`t please all the people all the time.” -Yoshihiro Wada - Former Mazda CEO

Mazda ziko sawa. look at axela… alafu most 123 za 80s/90s are still going strong. they almost lost their way with the rotary Wankel engine but sai wako tu sawa


Nani ameattach hizi?

Ni vyenye tu nimespend cash kwa stuff ingine, I’d have bought it for you.o_O;):wink:

si umemaliza ku edit saa hii

Aww hun…thanks

This is how they appear on my fone browser…kwani[ATTACH=full]8914[/ATTACH] ameweka vibaya?

kiss ass much?!!

initially alikuwa ameweka thumbnails

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Ooooh…basi ni falastuka!


I know how to post. Connection ya net ilipotea kidogo hence the hitch. You know shit happens.


Kuna Airwave niliona Awendo police station…gari imegonga tractor ikapasua into 3 pieces na all it had lost was a headlight and a front tire…I gave up

Most of the companies which manufactured dull-ish cars are now investing in superb designs.