Mazda pistons

I need to overhaul a mazda 323 engine.Where can get the pistons,rings,gasket and bearings for this job at a fair price?Anyone with leads to good shop or deals in such will be of great help.

Introkanika can help.

On the other hand, why not make it more “modern” by fitting in another type of engine?

Hizo labda ujiundie

Hio ni KAB ama KAE?

Fanya shopping pole pole. Najua ziko kwa wingi. What is the lowest quotation you have so far?

Alafu atafute makanika mzae

KAE five door hatchback based in naks

Around 15k from a baniani shop that tends to be too expensive since guys only go there as a last resort .shop known as ‘duka ya jesu’.

That would be considered sacrilege. Mazda people get married to their cars, and the wife becomes a mistress.

I know this Jesu. Baniani Jeuri. Juzi Nimeenda kubuy shocks hapo namwambia ‘kata bei’ ananiambia ‘lete Panga boss’.

If you don’t find them at Akshar, Bearing house or Amirs then Itabidi utembee nairobi.

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Kuna duka moja ya Mwarabu Kirinyaga Rd. chini near the funny round about with a toilet in the middle.
Nimesahau jina but that’s the only place nilipata water pump ya Nissan RB26 and I am certain you will get help there.

Probably Kírínyaga Road/ Kumasi road junction, if I recall correctly.

Omari Motor Spares?

Ama pia ajaribu Royal Automotive Supplies Ltd, Nairobi still same location.

Omar is a broker.