Mazda CX5

someone so close to me wants to get this (Awd 2014 or 2015). I know absolutely nothing about Mazdas (except a former girlfriend’s demio). budget and consumption are non issues…any downside?

I have seen quite a number of them on the roads… What i know, they look awesome…

I know someone who has it. It is a nice car. Go for it. He has never encountered any problem so far.

thanks for the feedback

Get the CX7 better with lots of power.

Because it’s new.

Is it Maintainable, parts availability? (is kawaida service cost similar to buying a tuk tuk…?

I thought they were phased out? This one wants a relatively new machine…three or four year old…besides a CX5 has more than 2500cc so I don’t think it’s underpowered considering this one is mainly for urban use.

The numbers on our roads speaks volumes…

I am also eyeing the 2012/2013 one. How much to my door?

waah, enyewe leo kutanyesha, hujaambia mtu juu ya CC na spare parts

yes CX7 was discontinued for the by CX5

What part of “budget and consumption are non-issues” didn’t you understand?? Did you even read his post??

I don’t own one, but I’d buy one as reviews praise them for their superb driving dynamics… the skyactive platforms make them very fun cars to drive. But it appears you’ll be importing your spares

yea skyactive is certainly a big attraction…on spares sio shida because this person is out there a lot anyway

You may want to check this review too: