Mazda CX-5

These cars have started flooding the roads vibaya sana. Yaani kila corner huezi kosa kuona CX-5. Zimeanza kukuwa kama Premio. Mind you the CX-5 costs 2million shillings!

Gari nzuri sana ikiwa si diesel 2.2L . Tunaichambua bado kwa thread ya @Japheth

Gari mzuri kwa shitty Kenyan roads

Reta wrink

Is it better than a forester? I would rather play safe with that kind of money

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Its a good car but once you get off the road into the cottons soils of Kamulu and Malaa. The Forester should never appear in the same sentence na CX5

Skylines ndo naona lately hadi naona nikiswap jalopy na moja yao

Na bado, remember they came out in 2012 na kawaida ya kenyans they had to wait for 8yrs before bringing in 2nd hands.
At this rate @administrator wekea watu subcategory ya cx5. Too many threads about it

Hii diesel model kwani inakuanga na shida gani?

Most cars when they have a newly designed engines installed you may find issues since the engineers havent worked out the bugs yet.

A friend’s keep losing power sijui shida ya kuongezwa maji all the time. Dunno much about Cars but I’ve experienced the same issue while driving it countless times. Each mechanic at Service stations have different theories for it.

Hii gari either kuna leak thats not been detected or cylinderhead gasket. Most likely ni cylinderhead gasket because that can also cause power loss

Found another thread with recommendations za guarage for Mazdas,and recommended. Hopefully ataskiza