Maybe we need the war in Europe to expose the fact that bonobos are beyond help .

It just hit me that should the war escalate beyond Ukraine and everything in Europe from Lisbon to Vladivotok gets destroyed Aleppo style (assuming no nuclear bombs are used), the surviving Caucasians will rebuild, and in less than 20 years, the continent will be richer than Africa.

We truly are a cursed people .


OK what’s the solution now? Because the best method: Eugenics, is out of question.


We need a great leap forward like the one Chairman Mao implemented.

Niliwaambia dawa ni moja pekee. Escape the matrix ALONE. You cant save Africa gathee, but you can save yourself and your family.

Best solutions are often unpalatable kama controlled genocide or Civil Wars. The other thing is to accept that you were born in an era where you will never make any significant impact on the betterment of your race.


Kweli we are cursed if this is how we think

Another brain washed brother who’s clueless on what’s really happening in the world

tuko tu sawa as africans musitusumbue

Ghasia takataka