may the beautiful lawyer rest in peace

Christian Mambay Kadima, a Nigerian national who is linked to the gruesome murder of Elizabeth Koki, prominent lawyer, was smoked out of his hideout at a lodging within Nairobi after engaging our highly trained DCI detectives in a hide and seek game for hours.

According to DCI, the two had been living together in Syokimau. “The house help grew suspicious when by 10am, her employer hadn’t woken up. She then walked into her bedroom only to find her lying lifeless on the bed, with bloody bruises on her body,” says the DCI.

Kadima reportedly fled the house after committing the crime. When DCI detectives arrived at the scene, they began processing of the crime scene, while another arm was in hot pursuit of the suspect. “Kadima had tried to outsmart our officers by driving his getaway car to Riruta, to create a false impression on his whereabouts. However, our detectives were too clever for his antics.” - added the DCI.

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