May I put this here for those who might have missed it...

This was posted elsewhere by @Nyamgondho. Just ignore the parts where he bashes Xiaomi and has nothing but loving praises for oppo, because the bias ain’t so subtle.

You see the word flagship has been taken out of context in many circumstances. At the pure definition of the word, it means the ship that carries the commander in a battle and has the flag of the navy/army/military. In essence, this means even ITEL and Infinix phones have a flagship model (The best of their phones, and if you like it fleet.

Over the years, and when it comes to phones, people imagine flagships are fantastic devices that are an equal with the best devices out there. This would be true for Xiaomi except for one thing. Flagships nowadays bring forth innovation that move the industry forward. Let me give you an example.

Huawei flagship phones (Mate and P series) Will bring forth the best camera technology out there. All phone manufacturers will stop whatever they are doing and get a Mate series device. Because that will be the best of the best in camera technology.

OnePlus flagship phones. These will bring forth the most speedy devices on earth at the time of their launch. They will bring forward the fastest ram, the fastest hardware the fastest chips, and a phone that will be fast enough to destroy the Apples and Samsungs of this world for a number of tasks.

Oppo flagship phones. These will give you innovations in charging technology and camera technology. The best the world has ever seen

Xiaomi: Nothing. Just a copy cat of what Oppo, Huawei, Samsung, and Iphone do. Just a budget brand with heavy phones

Phones are like cars. Whereas I may like your Audi’s speed, you may like my Volvo’s leather interior. Different tastes appeal to different people.

How are the big Volvos,been lusting for a VC90 Inscriptions but have to work on my peasantry

I hear they are good cars. But Volvo is not for me. I find them too reserved.

I am a reserved person,you just made me like them more

Eeeh! That’s true.

uko kama mimi. My next car will be the volvo. I am that kind of person who is very conservative when it comes to cars. I take the opposite direction of the masses