Mawaidha kidogo

Me and my girlfriend Jane have been together a year, and have discussed moving in together. We spend the night at each others’ places regularly. Sometimes her “niece” Furaha is there too and shes a good kid, little nosy but hey she’s seven. I’ve never met Furaha’s mom/ Jane’s sister but Jane said it’s cause her sister travels a lot and since her ex (whom I’ve also never met) lives in the same town Jane stays with Furaha a lot.

The other night she tells me to come over cause she needs to talk. When I get there her niece is there with her. Along with some Jamaa I’ve never met. He introduces himself as my Jane’s ex and Furaha’s dad. I think it’s weird how she dated her sister’s ex but then she drops this bomb on me. Furaha is her daughter, and she does not even have a sister. She said she kept this a secret because she knows how people don’t want to date single mothers. Her ex dude then said he would take Furaha out for a walk and to buy her some bites and left us to talk.

Of course I start grilling her about how she could lie to me all of this time. Her parents lied to me, all of her friends lied to me. She’s countering that if I had known she had a kid I never would have even asked her out, so since we’re in such a good place now it shouldn’t matter that Furaha is indeed her daughter. It went back and forth till I left. It’s been about two days and we haven’t seen or spoken to each other since.

This was a huge breach of trust, and on top of that she’s right, I wouldn’t have asked her out if I had known she had a kid. I love Jane, and Furaha’s a good kid, but I don’t think there’s any coming back from this. Could this step parent dynamic work out after this wadau? ungefanyaje ingekua wewe?

Mimi kama pure blood siwes owa single mother lakini slice siwes mind.

tunaeza kojolea huu uzi??
Niaje Mascrotums… otherwise

@bjurmann @Ka-Buda single mother experts, kujeni mpeana mawaidha

ION Niaje Bingwa, habari ya alfajiri

Mbisha ya Jane tusafishe macho

A religious bigot having pre-marital sex? Why am I not surprised.

but then Heather drops this bomb on me. Furaha is her daughter.
were you dating Jane or Heather?


Who is jane and who is Heather?

Kuna MTU ame-customize story ya wenyewe alisoma mahali…

Is there a point at which somebody stops jump-starting old discussions by creating new handles??

so since we’re in such a good place now it shouldn’t matter that Furaha is indeed her daughter. <<< Therein lies the snare… Good place ni mahali umetingishiwa hiyo kiuno hata unashindwa kufikiria straight…

My neigbour married a single mother.The idiot came to know after they go their first child that the mother had a 6 year old daughter with a military man…the fella had difficult life,every time the couple urgued or flight, it was zeroing on that poor child. …many times the guy come drunk and chase the mother out with the girl.kazi yangu ilikuwa kuwapa bed walale

I would rather be with a person I am comfortable with no matter the baggage, than a person with no baggage but I am not happy with.

you can be happy with me Prof Dr Guru Gashui ni mateso tupu

kwani how long had they dated? msichana alifichwa ocha? siku hizi basi ukipata mtu huku nairobi unaenda unaunda ubeste na jamaa wa boda boda kwao. huyo anakupa muchene yote ukae ukijuanga ana watoto wangapi ameficha nyumbani

‘Baggage’ is not the same for blue and pink.

Hapana. Hakuna kama yeye…

So, you think dealing with babby mommas is a joke?